Saturday, January 7, 2017

Best Planners for the New Year (5 Under $50)

Hello, beautiful! I'm excited to be back and blogging after the holidays. For a couple of weeks, I really felt off my game, but now I'm back on the wagon - hopefully stronger than ever!

Today, I thought I'd bring back the 5 Under $50 series I started during Blogmas to talk about one of my all-time favorite subjects: planners!

In my last post, I talked about goals you can set in 2017 to help you get organized, improve your health and overall lead a happier, more inspired life in the New Year (if you missed that post, check it out here!). One of those goals was to start using a planner, if you aren't already.

As a busy college student, using a planner is the most important way I stay organized throughout the year. Every Sunday night, I sit down with my planner to jot down my schedule, make a to-do list, and set goals for the week ahead. It's during that time, when I finally sit down and scribble out the week's details, that all of those commitments - whether it's an event, a homework assignment, a blog post, or a weekly fitness goal - start to really sink in for me.

On Sunday nights, I also used to decorate my planner to the max. Now that I've gotten so busy, my planner isn't nearly as pornographic as it used to be. Instead, I tend more toward a sprinkling of stickers than a decked-out weekly design. However, I still have quite the soft spot for a pretty, decorated planner page and some good, old-fashioned Washi tape!

The planners I've picked out for this week's 5 Under $50 are equal parts pretty and functional - because as a planner enthusiast, I understand how important beautification is to the process of inspiration. In other words, when my planner is pretty and polished, I feel ready to take on the week ahead!

So, with the principles of prettiness and productivity in mind, here are my five picks for the best planners of 2017. Plus, if you make it to the end of this post, you'll find out how you can get my Hustle Hard daily planner page 100% free - a $4.50 value!

This Week Deskpad by The Daily Grace Co.

Not all planners have to be thick, heavy notebooks with a daily page-by-page design. This minimalist deskpad from the Daily Grace Co. boasts a column for each weekday and week pad, as well as an inspiring quote from the scripture. With fifty 8.5x11 in. sheets, this floral planner can be handily kept on your desk to help you organize all of your thoughts midday, or plan for the day ahead by night. Get it for $16.00 here.

Sugar Paper Kraft Weekly Planner by Target

This planner offers everything a girl could possibly need to stay organized and productive for 2017! In the weekly layout, you not only have space to fill in your daily schedule, but also to make helpful lists like your top three weekly tasks/goals, what you need to call/email/buy this week, and important reminders of all the things you shouldn't forget. Bonus: the pastel and kraft paper design is super chic! For just $14.99, why wouldn't you spring for this awesome, adorable 2017 planner? Get it from Target.

Lady of Leisure 17-month Large Agenda by

This lady of leisure floral planner by evokes the sophisticated glamour of well-established designer brands like Lilly Pulitzer and Kate Spade, while still offering a cheeky, modern spin on the classic agenda. My hands-down favorite part of this model is all the tiny little bonuses they tack on. From stickers to laminated tabs, you certainly get your money's worth when you invest in's design! Plus, for just $5.00 extra, you can even have the planner personalized with your initials. Get it for $32.00 here.

The 100-Day Happiness Planner

In my opinion, this design is one of the most unique planners on the market! The 100-Day Happiness Planner is an undated agenda to help you focus on mindfulness, happiness, and more in the New Year. In addition to the classic daily pages, this planner also features activities and prompts to help you bring more positivity into your life in 2017. Plus, its daily pages will even help you improve your body as well as your mind, with places to log your exercises, meals, and more. For just $28.00, the payoff on this planner - a healthier, happier you - is well worth the investment. Get it here.

2017 Rosa 17-Month Planner by Rifle Paper Co. 

Finally, to close out this planner roundup, I've included a classic, chic design from Rifle Paper Co. The Rosa floral print is paired with a shimmery gold foil, to help you organize your life in style. Its minimalist layout even includes pages for important dates, contacts, and notes - meaning this planner earns points for beauty and functionality. With such a pretty planner, it shouldn't be hard to get - and keep - your sh*t together in 2017! This planner is sold out at Rifle Paper Co., but luckily, you can still get it from Nordstrom for $35.00. Check it out here.


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