Tuesday, May 9, 2017

What to Wear to Your Summer Internship (5 Under $50)

Hello, beautiful! I'm excited to announce here on Haley Marie Blog that this summer, I will be interning in the office of my Massachusetts state representative, Kate Hogan.

As an intern, I'll be exposed to the inner workings of government and hopefully gain some experience dealing in legislation and public health policy. However, on another level, I'll also be faced with a personal dilemma: what to wear every day to an important government internship.

Internships pose a challenge for broke college students for two reasons: firstly, no one ever warned us in high school we would need professional clothes, so we haven't started building a wardrobe yet. Secondly, building that wardrobe can get expensive, since so many high-quality professional outfits are so expensive. (If you haven't seen my post How to Build an Affordable Professional Wardrobe yet, click here to check it out!)

In this edition of my 5 Under $50 series, I'll be bringing you five internship outfit ideas suited to a variety of fields. The best part? Every piece I'll be showing you costs less than $50, making these outfits the perfect splurge for a college student trying to save up some dough this summer.

The Pop of Purple

Internship Outfit 4

In this set...

Avah Floral Box Pleat Midi Skirt. A midi skirt is the perfect conservative cut for an office environment, while this pink floral print spices it up for the summer heat. Get it for $26.00 at Boohoo.

Amelia Rib Knit Ruffle Hem Jumper. The peplum on this delightful purple sweater keeps it light and airy for the season. I especially love peplum for building subtle yet sexy curves on petite frames. Get it for $12.00 at Boohoo.

Wear it when...

You work in a creative office space. Bright colors and prints show you're quirky and capable of thinking on your toes in a creative internship, like a magazine or tech startup. 

The Mixed Prints

Internship Outfit 3

In this set...

TALL Polka Dot Blouse. Bow-tie blouses are cute, but still appropriate for a conservative office space. The key to rocking busy prints (like polka dots) on the job? Stick to black-and-white hues for a can't-miss mix of prints. Get it for $44 at Topshop.

Women's Topshop Windowpane Peg Trousers. Breezy trousers like these will keep you cool in the summer heat without revealing more skin than your boss wants to see. Get them for $21 at Nordstrom.

Wear it when...

Your job is conservative, but not boring. Mixing prints maintains your personality, while wearing long hems and muted colors shows you're serious about succeeding in your career.

The Teacher's Salary

Internship Outfit 1

In this set...

Max Studio Ruffle Front Tie Print Blouse. Try this math problem on for size: flirty florals and a flowy top equal one happy teacher's aide at summer school. Get it for $35 at Nordstrom Rack.

Lace Pencil Skirt. This calf-length pencil skirt is appropriate yet affordable. Weighing in at just $12, this price gets an A+++ from our test graders. Get it at H&M. 

Wear it when...

Teaching is in the job description. This comfy pencil skirt and peppy printed blouse are perfect for romping around with the kindergarteners at summer school. Plus, you can get the entire outfit for under $50 - perfect for a modest teacher's salary!

The Simple Stripes

Internship Outfit 2

In this set...

Mariner Squareneck Dress. This simple sheath dress is flattering on almost every body type, and its soft cotton material is perfect for throwing on for a hot summer day in the workplace. Get it for $50 at L.L. Bean.

Lace-up d'Orsay Flats. These neutral flats will keep your toes comfy and cool - perfect for an active day rushing around the office or between various events. Get them (on sale!) for $25.99 at GAP Factory. 

Wear it when...

You're running late on a hot day. Some days, you're just not feeling the daily grind. During the dog days of summer, when you spend too long in bed, dresses like these are the perfect work-appropriate outfit to just throw on and go.

The Power Outfit

Internship Outfit 5

In this set...

Curve Coral Tie Sleeve Shift Dress. Every working woman needs a shift dress - and in this poppin' coral color, your big presentation will be absolutely unforgettable. Get it for $49.00 at Dorothy Perkins.

Yellow Flower Statement Necklace. This sunny yellow statement necklace will draw attention to your face so you can confidently own the room in style. Get it for $20.80 at Kohl's. 

Women's Casual Pointed Toe Ballet Comfort Soft Slip On Flats. These fun cheetah flats are the perfect cherry on top of an already-bold outfit. Get them for $18.99 on Amazon.

Wear it when...

You've got a big day at work and need to feel empowered. If your workplace allows it, bright colors and bold statement necklaces are the perfect way to exude confidence during an important networking event or big presentation.

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