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How to Use the Law of Attraction + Free Printable!

Hello, beautiful! Lately, I've discovered a secret for getting everything I want in life - and I do mean everything.

That might sound like an exaggeration, but I promise it's 110% true! Ever since I started using this tip, I've accomplished nearly all of my goals in the past few months. I've been happier and more energetic than ever, and my productivity has gone through the roof.

What is this magic tip, you might ask? Getting what you want in life is all about the Law of Attraction. In other words, you attract exactly what you set out to get in life. By using the Law of Attraction in my own life, I've been able to improve my relationships, skyrocket my productivity and write more blog posts than ever before.

This post is all about how you, too, can get everything you want in life by using the Law of Attraction - be sure to read all the way to the bottom to get my free printable guide to using the LOA in your life!

But first, let's talk about what the Law of Attraction is and isn't:

The Law of Attraction: A Definition

What the Law of Attraction Is: 
  • A way to attract more of what you want by sending positive thoughts into the Universe
  • Scientifically proven by quantum physicists in the field
  • A different way of viewing your internal reality

What the Law of Attraction Isn't
  • A way to get things you only want for superficial reasons
  • Another piece of new-age bulls*t
  • A religious idea tied to a particular faith or spirituality

Okay, I have to admit: the title I gave this post was slightly misleading and a little bit click-baity. In reality, there's no way to get literally everything you want in life. Because the Law of Attraction is all about cooperating with the energy in the Universe (whether you believe that energy is driven by God, science or whatever else there is out there) to bring about what you want, you can't force something into being if the Universe does not will it so.

That being said, you truly can change your life in a radical way using the Law of Attraction. How, you might ask? Don't worry, I'll get into that later - but first, let's define the Law of Attraction in a bit more detail:

Essentially, the Law of Attraction states that the Universe is made up of vibrations of energy coursing throughout our reality. If we view the world this way, we can then deduce that everything we perceive in our present-day reality can be boiled down to our thoughts, feelings and experiences. If that's true, then we inherently shape our lives based on what runs through our brains on an everyday basis. 

When it comes to the vibrations of the Universe, the basic rule of the LOA is that like attracts like. In other words, if you think positive thoughts, you attract positive experiences into your life. Unfortunately, the same is true of negative thoughts: if you're someone who's prone to negative thinking, you're shaping your reality to become more and more negative over time.

If I think about the number of negative thoughts that run through my brain in a day, that seems a little bit scary! Lots of us suffer from automatic negative thoughts that bring us down and make us doubt ourselves throughout our day - but thanks to the Law of Attraction, we now know that changing those thoughts can make a radical difference in our happiness over time! 

So, now that we know what the Law of Attraction is, how do we put it into practice to help us get everything we want in life? In other words, how do we harness the energy of the Universe so that it works with us, rather than against us? Scroll to the next section to find out! 

How to Use the Law of Attraction in YOUR Life!

Once you know how to harness the power of the Law of Attraction, you can manifest almost anything you truly want in life into being. Let me clarify exactly what I mean by that:

There's two types of wanting something in life: there's things that you truly want with all your heart and soul, a wanting that runs deep into the core fiber of your very being - and then there's superficial wanting, wanting something because everyone else has it, because you feel like you should have it, because other people are telling you you need it, etc.

The Universe can sense the difference between your ego, aka your conscious thoughts, and your "divine self," aka your soul. In other words, if what you *think* you want want isn't what's actually best for you, the Universe can sense that - and It will never send you down a path that won't ultimately help you make the most of your purpose on this earth.

Getting in touch with your deepest desires can be difficult and even painful sometimes. There are times in our lives when we suppress our innermost emotions just so we can get through the day without falling apart or breaking into tears. But avoiding your truest feelings is like putting a Band-Aid on what's really wrong with your life: if you don't address the root cause of your issues, they'll just keep repeating themselves like a broken record, and you'll never achieve the highest level of happiness you deserve.

So, try your best to get in touch with who YOU are and what YOU want - not what your conscious mind thinks, feels or wants, but how you feel at the very core of your being and soul! I promise it will make your experience with the Law of Attraction better in the long run, even if it won't make it easier in the short-term. 

That being said, let's get into some practical ways you can harness the power of the LOA in your very own life: 

  1. Use positive affirmations. One of the simplest ways to harness the Law of Attraction in your own life is to frame your desires as if they are already happening in the present moment. For example, if self-love is a major goal of yours, start your day by saying in the mirror, "Good morning, [your name]. I love you." (If you're looking for proof that this really works, check out this awesome TED Talk by Shauna Shapiro!
  2. Write it down! I also like to spend time writing down affirmations like "My blog has thousands of views" and "I have an abundance of wealth" to really feel like I'm manifesting them into being. For me, something happens when I write stuff down that makes it feel concrete and "more real." This is actually scientifically proven as well: studies show writing down your goals makes you more than 80% more likely to actually achieve them! 
  3. Make a vision board. Particularly if you consider yourself more of a visual person than a verbal one, creating a vision board can help you manifest your goals into being. The way this works, at least from my perspective, is that when you see your vision board, you begin to actively think about your goals. Then, those positive thoughts are what bring about the changes in the Universe that help you achieve your dreams! So, tear apart some old magazines and get crafty, or simply create a board on Pinterest. Your goals (and the Universe) will thank you for your love and attention :) 
  4. Replace negative thoughts with positive ones. Another way to use the Law of Attraction is to, quite literally, replace your negative thoughts with positive ones. In therapy, I learned an easy way to get your mind off negativity or stop over-thinking in its tracks: it's called diversion, and it's a way of distracting your mind by giving it a signal that enough is enough. The next time you notice a negative thought running through your mind, try thinking of something that makes you happy instead. No matter how small or little it is (for me, it's dogs in flower crowns; for my therapist, it's tiny houses...not joking!), this diversion gives your brain something else to focus on besides your negative thoughts. For more info on how cognitive behavioral therapy can help you replace your negative thoughts with positive ones, check out this step-by-step article from Cognitive Therapy Guide! 
  5. Connect with your body and mind. Finally, staying in touch with your body and mind's innermost desires will help you utilize the Law of Attraction more effectively. Since it's so important to know your body and mind inside and out, I fully recommend having a robust mindfulness practice if you plan on harnessing the Law of Attraction in your life. Two of the greatest activities you can do? Meditation and yoga! Both are great for clearing your mind to give way to your body and mind's innermost needs and desires, and both are some of my favorite mindfulness activities for anxiety and depression as well :) 

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