Friday, September 22, 2017

Dainty Jewelry Trends for Fall (5 Under $50)

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Hello, beautiful! Wow, it's been awhile since I last wrote a 5 Under $50 post - so here I am, trying to get back into the swing of things. Wish me luck on keeping it up! (And on that note, do you guys love, like or dislike my 5 Under $50 series? LMK @haleymarieblog or in the comments below!)

Today's post is all about one of my latest obsessions for fall: jewelry! Specifically, I'm in love with feminine, dainty pieces with thin chains and small charms. Basically, the smaller the necklace/bracelet/earrings, the more likely I am to love it.

So, today, I thought I would give you guys a roundup of a few dainty pieces I've been loving this fall. All of the jewelry I'm featuring in this post is from two of my favorite sites, Rocksbox and Stargaze Jewelry. (Disclaimer: I am an affiliate for both, but didn't become an ambassador until I discovered how much I love this!)

In case you haven't heard of 'em, Rocksbox is like Rent the Runway/Stitch Fix for jewelry. Every month, you get three hand-picked designer pieces sent to your door to wear for a month. If you love the piece, you can keep it and are charged a discounted price (plus you get $21 in credit each month toward buying anything in your box!), and if you don't, all you have to do is send it back. They even send you a prepaid shipping label to make it super duper easy for you. With my code HALEYFBFF10, you can even get your first month of Rocksbox free!

As for Stargaze Jewelry, Stargaze sells extraordinarily cheap yet high-quality jewelry that's adorable and on-trend. Their Under $10 section is seriously on-point! Plus, use my affiliate code HALEYMARIEBLOG18 for 20% off your Stargaze Jewelry order for a price that you seriously cannot beat.

Sorry for the brief moment of self-promo - let's get into the good stuff now! I promise you are absolutely going to love the pieces I picked out for you. If not, let me know why in the comments ;) But until then, here are my picks for this month's 5 Under $50 series.

Sophie Harper Pave Circle Bracelet

This Sophie Harper bracelet is the perfect dainty piece to wear with your favorite fall sweater, or a long-sleeve dress with riding boots. It adds just a hint of sparkle and shine, without overpowering your entire outfit. 

From Rocksbox, this bracelet is just $40 (and it's made with real gold!). However, with your free month of Rocksbox with my code HALEYFBFF10 you can get a $21 credit toward your purchase, knocking the price down to just $19. Rocksbox is able to offer phenomenal discounted prices like these because its pieces are gently worn in other subscribers' Rocksboxes before they hit the online store - yet they're still in almost near-perfect quality when you receive them! I promise you'll barely be able to tell they're used when you try them on. 

SLATE Screwed Earrings in Gold

SLATE has quickly become one of my new favorite jewelry brands through Rocksbox. All their pieces are very geometric and urban-chic, which I love! Yet even though this piece still has some of that rough-around-the-edges grunge, it's still pretty, polished and dainty enough for any fall occasion. 

Whether you're roasting marshmallows over a bonfire or heading to brunch with your girlfriends, these earrings will work for almost any occasion. As Rocksbox describes, they're gold-plated with a "utilitarian-chic" finish, so they'll suit your style no matter what. Get them from Rocksbox for $31 (or just $10 with your free credit from yours truly!). 

A Girl's Best Friend Bracelet

Could this bracelet from Stargaze Jewelry be any cuter?! This dainty stacked look is achieved with three separate strands of beads and chains attached to one bracelet, so it's both cute and convenient. They're layered with true gold, peach beads and tiny diamonds, so these strands are sure to glam up any outfit.

I would wear a bracelet like this one with almost any outfit, whether I was headed to a grad level class where I wanted to look professional or a night out to dinner with my boyfriend and his 'rents. However, my all-time favorite way to wear a dainty stacked bracelet for fall is with the perfect three-quarters-length sweater, of course! Three-quarters-length sleeves help you show off your jewels while still staying warm in the chilly autumn breeze.

UPDATE: The Girl's Best Friend Bracelet is currently sold out on Stargaze Jewelry, but you can still shop the rest of their adorable selection! I'm personally a big fan of their Under $10 section - and, of course, don't forget to use my coupon code HALEYMARIEBLOG18 for 20% off any purchase from Stardust :) 

Pixie Choker

If you've stepped outside your dorm room recently, or even paused to flip through the pages of this month's Cosmo, you've probably noticed that chokers are totally on-trend this fall. But, if you're anything like me, you might find this trend a little too "edgy" and intimidating for you. That's where Stargaze's Pixie Choker comes in! 

I'm totally loving this dainty piece for fall (it's the lower of the two chokers in the picture above, just an FYI). I love the look of the single charm on the thin gold chain, and the way it doesn't hug too close to the model's neck - a pet peeve of mine whenever I wear a choker is when it feels so snug I can barely swallow! Plus, it's always best to spend less than $50 on the latest trends, because you never know when it might go out of style (that's why I'm here, obviously!).

Get the Pixie Choker from Stargaze Jewelry for $24.99 (not including 20% off with my discount code HALEYMARIEBLOG18). 

Dainty Leah Ring

As much as I love jewelry, rings are probably one of my favorites - if not my TOP favorite - ways to wear the dainty jewelry trend. I love rings, but I'm much more into a thin band with one or two gemstones than I am a large statement piece loaded with crystals. (Future fiance: take note!)

That's what makes this Dainty Leah Ring from Stargaze Jewelry so perfect for my personal style: it's still on-point, but not so flashy that heads turn when you walk into your lecture hall. Not to mention that this particular ring is the perfect casual piece for pairing with your favorite fall outfit. One of my old standbys? A cozy sweater, structured skirt, black tights, riding boots and a plaid scarf. Add in this ring, and you'll be absolutely golden and ready to grace the runway in no time!

Get the Dainty Leah Ring from Stargaze for $8.99 - plus an additional 20% off with my exclusive coupon code. (In case you suck at math like I do, Google has informed me that that's a total of just $7.20!)

What's your favorite piece from this week's 5 Under $50? LMK @haleymarieblog or in the comments below!

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