Friday, November 10, 2017

10 Cute Outfits You Can Put Together in 10 Minutes or Less

Hello, beautiful! We all know that feeling: you wake up to the sound of silence, aka your missed alarm, and realize you have 15 minutes until your first class starts.

In those moments, the thought of getting dressed can quickly lead you into struggle city. Some days, you might accidentally spend 20 minutes putting on a cute outfit - others, you might say "f**k it" and put on your baggiest sweats.

Regardless of your personal style, I happen to think that it's important to dress decently for your college classes. Dressing well shows your professors that you're a serious student who's here not just to pass, but to exceed with flying colors.

Whether you like it or not, your clothes say a lot about you - even when your messy bun and stained sweatshirt are a product of waking up thirty minutes too late. So, it's important for every college girl to have a few 10-minute outfits prepared ahead of time, so she knows exactly what to throw on in the event of a last-minute fashion emergency.

These 10 foolproof fashion combinations will teach you exactly how to get ready in 10 minutes or less, while still looking collected AF. Stockpile these essential items in your closet and you'll never be late again, promise!

For a "no pants" kind of day...

10 minute outfit #1

Meet the sweater dress, a classier way to walk around unrestrained by the confines of jeans.

For those venti PSL days...

10 minute outfit #2

Soak up the last seconds of fall in your biggest blanket scarf and brownest leather boots.

For days when you can't deal with your profs...

10 minute outfit #3

Channel that angst into a nineties-inspired look your two-year-old self would be proud of.

For the class-to-gym-to-class days...

10 minute outfit #4

Who says you need to change? Thanks to the athleisure trend, you'll survive with naught but a stick of ladies' deodorant.

For the presentation you remembered literally 10 seconds ago...

10 minute outfit #5

This formula is your friend. 

For when your crush is in your 8am lecture...

10 minute outfit #6

You've only got one outfit with him: make it count! 

For when "10 minutes" is more like "1 minute"...

10 minute outfit #7

Now you got 99 problems but an outfit ain't one. 

For when the effort just isn't worth it...

10 minute outfit #7

At least wear jeans...

For the internship you almost forgot you had...

10 minute outfit #8

Prepare to be asked "Is this your first day on the job?" even if it's your 100th.

For the ultimate bad hair day...

10 minute outfit #9

Hide your hair under a hat and distract them with denim-on-denim.

For when you just can't even...

10 minute outfit #10

Fashion says leggings are pants. I'm taking fashion's word for it.

What's your go-to outfit whenever you're running late? LMK in the comments below or @haleymarieblog on social media!