Sunday, November 19, 2017

How to Host the Ultimate Friendsgiving Party in College

Hello, beautiful! It's the season of gratitude, and Thanksgiving is almost upon us. If you've already found yourself counting down the moments 'til pie and Macy's (me, too!), then you understand what an exciting time this holiday is.

To me, Thanksgiving is such a special holiday because it's completely dedicated to family. In college, I'm lucky enough to get to come home for Thanksgiving every year, since I live just 45 minutes away from home. However, not everyone is as lucky! Some people may not be able to afford a flight home, or don't have homes to go home to due to hardship or alienation.

In these cases we have to make do and celebrate Thanksgiving with the families we've chosen for ourselves - aka our friends! Which is exactly where the concept of Friendsgiving comes into play. Whether you can't make it home for Thanksgiving this year or want a special event dedicated solely to thanking your wonderful friends, hosting a Friendsgiving feast is the perfect way to honor the special friends in your life who have become your family.

Since party planning is a personal passion of mine, I'll be walking you through every step of planning the ultimate Friendsgiving celebration. From food to friends to decor, here's everything you need to know about hosting the perfect party.


First thing's first: the foundation of any Friendsgiving celebration, just like the real deal, is all about the food. And when it comes to celebrating any college feast, you're gonna wanna keep it sweet, simple and cheap! So, here are my recommendations for some easy recipes to wow your friends on a college budget:

  • Enjoy those tasty Thanksgiving flavors without roasting a whole bird with these cranberry turkey pinwheels from This Silly Girl's Kitchen.
  • For your veggie friends, cook up the ultimate comfort food: this creamy mac 'n' cheese recipe from That Which Nourishes.
  • Now, for the event you know they've all been waiting for...dessert! These easy pumpkin pie bites from Sugar Apron will channel all your favorite fall flavors without breaking the bank.
  • And, of course, what Thanksgiving college bash would be complete without nuptials? Toast to Friendsgiving with these festive apple cider jelly shots from Pinterest.


Source: Lovely Indeed

Decorating for Thanksgiving on a college budget is tricky, but I promise it can be done! You could always hit up the Target Dollar Spot and blow your entire paycheck - but here's a more budget-friendly way to get the job done (because let's face it: no one gets out of Target without spending $100+):


That's right: party games aren't just for children anymore. I promise your friends will love these Thanksgiving activities just as much as they love digging into the turkey and stuffing! 

  • For a cute DIY way to give thanks, create this thankful jar from Or So She Says. All you need to do is spray paint some rocks and let your guests write what they're thankful for in Sharpie. Simple and oh-so sophisticated! 
  • Don't argue over who gets to break the wishbone - create these easy clay DIY ones to set your table with from Oh Happy Day.
  • Tic-tac-toe isn't just for kids! You and your friends can still get a kick out of this life-sized fall version of your favorite childhood game. Get the how-to (featuring pumpkins!) from It's Overflowing.
  • Last but not least, there's always one old standby that never fails to get the party going, aka everyone's favorite card game. Pick up a set of Cards Against Humanity for $25 for never-ending laughs this Friendsgiving! 

What's your favorite Thanksgiving tradition for celebrating with friends? LMK in the comments below or @haleymarieblog on social media!