Monday, August 6, 2018

A College Girl's Ultimate Bucket List

Hello, beautiful! I can't believe my senior year of college is already here. Just three years ago I was a starry-eyed, bushy-tailed freshman getting ready to start my first year at Boston University. Now, I'm graduating a year early with a degree in Communications Studies (minor in Political Science), planning to take a gap year to blog and teach barre3 and eventually pursue a J.D./M.S.W. so I can  help children with complicated family situations like mine. Oh, how the tables have turned...

As I enter my third and final year of college, I've been thinking a lot about the things I've already accomplished, and the things I'd still like to accomplish, during my time at BU. Namely, I've been working on a bucket list every girl should check off before she graduates from undergrad - and today, I'm here to share that bucket list with you!

To me, what's just as important as the grades you get in college are the memories you make. Even though I am graduating early to get a jump-start on my career, I would never want to feel as if I'd missed out on my final year of undergrad to get a 4.0 or cram for LSATs. Instead, I want to make sure that I live my last year at BU to the fullest, and spend as much time as possible with the most important people around me.

On that note, here is my ultimate bucket list for any college girl who wants to live her undergrad experience to the fullest, too! Keep reading to see which items I've checked off of my bucket list, and what I still plan to accomplish during my short time left at BU.

Stay Out Dancing All Night

Haley's bucket list: Incomplete! 

One thing I've been wanting to do since I came to BU was go out clubbing with some of my friends. To me, this is an amazing way to bond with your girlfriends, without pressure to dance with or hook up with guys. In Boston, there's an amazing gay club that lets in college students as young as 18. My BFF and I have been saying we were going to go for months now - but I vow to make my senior year the year that that finally happens! 

Hit the Campus Hookup Spot

Haley's bucket list: Incomplete! 

If you're not sexually active yet, more power to you - but if you are, and if getting sexy in public is one of your wildest fantasies, then you have to add this to your college bucket list. At BU, that spot is the fourth floor of our main library. I still haven't made this bucket list dream come true, but let's cross our fingers that senior year is the time I finally find a way to make it happen.

Start a New Friendship

Haley's bucket list: Complete!

College is the time to make best friends for life - and I'm happy to say that I've met so many amazing girls (and guys!) that have changed my life for the better. My BFFs Jenn, Julia, Maddi and Jakob are my rocks, and I couldn't live without their late-night advice (or momming after a long night out...Maddi knows what I'm talking about!). Now, the only thing that will make this bucket list item even better is making sure I stay in touch with them even after I'm graduated and gone. As of now, I'm pretty much the worst long-distance friend ever - but here's hoping that changes when I'm about to start missing some of my all-time favorite people next May! 

Rule Sorority Recruitment

Haley's bucket list: Complete!

While I understand sorority life isn't for everybody, my college experience would not have been the same if I had not joined Kappa Alpha Theta my spring semester of freshman year. Because of Theta, I've met about 50% of my closest friends, become deeply connected to our philanthropy (Court Appointed Special Advocates...hmm, sound anything like what I want to do with my life?) and been a mentor to my adorable and amazing little Kiana. Going into my senior year - and final recruitment with Theta - my goal for recruitment is to pref a girl who thinks Theta, so I can help carry on the Theta legacy long after I've graduated.

Make Straight As for the Semester

Haley's bucket list: Incomplete! 

As embarrassing as this is to admit, I've yet to make straight As for a semester while in college. My best semester, I got a 3.7 with two As and two Bs - but going into my senior year, I'm challenging myself to top that and shoot for a 4.0. This will help me a lot with my law school applications by bringing up my cumulative GPA after a couple of well-deserved Cs during my semester from hell (aka the semester I had strep throat for a month straight). Though it is more difficult at some schools than others to earn a 4.0 - hello, grade deflation! - nothing should stop you from aiming high and holding yourself to strict standards for your academics.

Host a Wine Night

Haley's bucket list: Incomplete! 

Ever since I moved into my apartment on campus, me and Julia have been saying we were going to host a party-slash-wine-night for all of our best friends. Now that it's my senior year - and I still haven't done this (not in the new place, anyways) - I can't wait to have all my friends over for a Pinterest-worthy wine night they'll want to plaster all over their Instagrams. Being the hostess with the mostess has been one of my best traits since high school, so what better way to show my appreciation for my BFFs during my last year at BU than with an incredible soiree? 

Plan a Trip for Spring Break

Haley's bucket list: Incomplete! 

Spring break at the beach is one of the quintessential college experiences - and what better time to live it up than your senior year of college? This year, my goal is to plan an amazing spring break trip with some of my closest friends to help us celebrate our last year together as a squad. I can't wait to spend my spring lounging in the sunshine, drinking cocktails out of coconuts and making memories with my favorite people. Next step? Start saving money for the trip now, so I'm not strapped for cash when March 2019 finally comes! Caribbean, here I come....

Pull an All-Nighter

Haley's bucket list: Complete! 

One of the times I first knew I was in love with David was when, after we first met online, we stayed up literally from 4pm to 7am talking all night long. To me, pulling an all-nighter was one of those "typical college experiences" that I thought was overrated - normally, I'm the world's biggest fan of my blanket and pillows! However, after that experience with David, I understand the appeal of pulling an all-nighter, especially if you're surrounded by people who are special to you. That late at night, you find yourself getting vulnerable and opening up to others in ways you didn't think were possible. So, what better way to solidify your bond than an all-nighter with your closest friends or significant other?

Show Your Team Spirit

Haley's bucket list: Complete! 

Because BU doesn't have a football team (long story short: we used to, but we sucked), hockey is the most hyped sport on campus. Our hockey team is pretty much treated like 1D by the professors, and freshman girls have been known to swoon for them from time-to-time (okay, pretty often). That being said, one of the experiences every BU freshman needs to have is dressing up to go to the Beanpot, an annual hockey tournament between some of the best hockey-playing schools in Boston, MA. It's held each year in the arena where the Bruins play, but the highlight? The trash talking is unreal! If you ever want to get out your frustrations by chanting at your school's rival, then a sports game is THE place to do it, hands-down.

Order Pizza with Your Roommate

Haley's bucket list: Incomplete! 

Not everyone is best friends with their college roommate - and that's okay! However, if you don't already know your roommate, I think everyone deserves the chance to start a friendship with the person they're spending a majority of their time with (at least, if you're a Netflix-in-bed kinda person like I am). Some of my best college memories have been staying in with Julia and coloring or doing face masks - but an in-room pizza party just for us totally takes the girls' night to the next level. 

Take a Date to Formal

Haley's bucket list: Incomplete! 

On the sorority scene, no social occasion is as important as winter and spring formals - basically two dances at venues reserved exclusively for members of our sorority. Last spring, I attended formal with my friend Jakob and we had a total blast. However, I've yet to bring a date who was more than platonic to this all-important sorority event! My hope for my senior year is that David will be able to fly out for at least one of my major formals, so I can finally knock this off my college bucket list before it's too late.

Spend a Day Volunteering

Haley's bucket list: Complete! 

As a member of Kappa Alpha Theta, raising money for our philanthropy is super important to me. In fact, CASA's mission to train and provide court-appointed advocates for children in the foster care system was one of the reasons I decided to attend law school in the first place. Each semester, we spend a day hosting a big philanthropy event for all the sororities and fraternities on campus. We are usually successful in raising a couple hundred dollars for CASA through this event - but most importantly, it's an amazing opportunity to spend quality time with my sisters, and help the children of CASA while we're doing it.

Start a Photo Album

Haley's bucket list: Incomplete! 

In general, I'm passionate about being present when I'm with my family, friends and loved ones. Usually that means I don't take many pictures of my friends and family. This year, I'm hoping that I'll remember to snap a couple more pics so I can put together an album to help myself remember these past three years of my life! This is also important to me so I can give my closest friends an album to remember me by when I head out of BU and into the next phase of my life - but shh, don't tell....

Walk the Stage at Graduation

Haley's bucket list: Incomplete! 

Last but not least comes the one thing every girl's got on her mind from the moment she walks through the door on her first day of class: GRADUATING! Walking the stage at graduation is going to be bittersweet. As much as I'm sad to think of what I'm leaving behind, I also know it's going to be incredibly rewarding to see all of my hard work come to fruition in the form of my degree. All in all, I can't wait to see what the future has in store for me and Haley Marie Blog, but it wouldn't bother me to wait a little bit longer before I check this final point off my ultimate college bucket list!

What bucket list items are you crossing off this fall? LMK in the comments below or @haleymarieblog on social media!