My name is Haley, and I am the "Haley Marie" behind Haley Marie Blog. My blog began in November 2016 as a passion project, and has since metamorphosed into a top destination for future lady lawyers in love with all things beauty, fashion and mental health.

I am a proud dog mom to my Collie Violet, and a long-distance girlfriend to my (future) D.O. boyfriend David. (As I like to say: I may be from Boston, but my heart is in Cleveland!) In May 2019, I graduated with a degree in Communications Studies - and a minor in Political Science - from my alma mater, Boston University.

This blog chronicles my adventures through college, my gap year and law school itself, including all the style, LDR and health advice that got me through it all. So, if you're a twenty-something gal currently considering or pursuing a career in law - and, much like my role model Elle Woods, don't want to give up your femininity to do it - let me be the first to say: you're in the right place :)